It was established by owner, Faiza Zakir in 27th November 2017. Actually it’s a new place of glamour and styling of brows, converted from Eyes By India. The private specialty eyebrow studio, located in Michigan, was created to provide services to our customers who are seeking quality & personal brow styling.

With over 10 years of experience, Faiza’s aim is to satisfy customers in brow grooming. It’s a rapidly growing beauty salon from all over Michigan. The team at Brow & Lash Hub is exclusively dedicated to individual & freehand styling & one of the Michigan's leading innovators in brow grooming. "Enhancing your beauty & glamour by Brow & Lash Hub. A place where personal care is important. I want people to enjoy the experience & to see the potential their brows have!"

Faiza Zakir

Faiza and her team use a variety of versatile methods to create full & natural styles unique to each individual. Importantly there is no signature shape to ensure that the integrity of each brow is maintained.

Additionally clients are encouraged to communicate their expectations, likes or dislikes, in order to reach brow satisfaction. "Every brow is different, it would be mad to do the same on everyone, there is nothing better than a unique shape, I enjoy challenges & creating styles not typical to the brow scene."

The studio is a quiet, private & comfortable space where all are welcome to come and enjoy top styling. We hope you enjoy our experience!